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Annette Stella Mach

I would like to take this opportunity during the lovely holiday season to share what I am grateful for. I am so very grateful to Brenda Patton who worked so incredibly hard to help me to purchase my beautiful renovated condo.

It was a late 10:30 pm evening when I texted Brenda regarding a condo that just came on the market in St. Augustine. Up to that point, nothing I looked at online appealed to me. Brenda responded immediately and secured an appointment for me. She also called the owners to make sure I could see the unit first since I was driving from Alachua.

I knew this was my future condo. Brenda and I looked at the condo which was perfect for me. I wanted to purchase it immediately, so I offered the owners their price and they accepted. However, there was a litigation issue between the HOA and a contractor. I continued to move forward with a mortgage lender (or so I thought). Everything that could have gone wrong did. The mortgage lender was completely atrocious to me and caused so much stress and depression for me. He was 100% unprofessional, and this was terribly upsetting not only to me but to Brenda as well.

Brenda took charge immediately! She worked to find out how other buyers were successful in purchasing their condos during the litigation process. She would not take NO for an answer. Brenda got me in touch with the best of the best women at Ameris Bank.

Women working with other women to make a dream happen. Brenda went ABOVE and BEYOND to make this sale happen for me and to make sure I had a much more positive experience. Brenda’s attention to detail and her determination was paramount to my success in securing the condo.

To Brenda I would like to say thank you so very much, you are a special friend in my life.