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Steve Brown

We worked with Jo on a recent purchase of a home in the Plantation. We have purchased and sold several houses over the past 45-years. We had the pleasure of working with a few agents, builders and contractors who excelled in their profession. We also dealt with the nightmares associated with dealing with those who were not so good, which makes one appreciate the professionals even more. We are writing to let you know that we have added Jo Mitchell to our list of professionals who excel. Jo is one of the hardest working agents we have ever dealt with. We were impressed by her knowledge of her market and how she incorporates all of the associated introductions to the contractors and services needed when moving to a new area. Jo worked both sides on our purchase. We have been involved in purchases and sales like this in the past and understand how difficult it can be for one agent to fairly represent both parties. We knew Jo had a history with the seller but throughout considerable negotiations we always felt Jo was fairly representing the best interests of both parties. We have already worked with several contractors Jo recommended and they have all been top notch. We will continue to work with Jo and recommend her when we can.